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Show002 September 18, 2006

Posted by netmusic in Shows.

Hey,we didn’t get canceled yet! For the show archives, we’re still working out the legalities of putting them up as a podcast, so be patient. Here’s what we had in store for you this show. By the way, if any of you are out and about the Madison campus, be aware of drive by dartings. Really. I got darted in the back of the knee.

Open Source Audio ==================================

Thierry Blanchard – Quincaillier de style – quincailler de
Album Torrent
Almost Acoustic Band – Live at Alligator Alley on 2004-03-12 – Old Home Place
The Robin Cutler tracks were recorded live at the Corner Pocket in Bellingham, Washington. If you dig her or just like a wide varity of live music, check out their compilation CD Dead Air, Um, Dead Air
Robin Cutler – [copo020] Self-Titled (December 5, 2005) – Waiting
Robin Cutler – [copo020] Self-Titled (December 5, 2005) – Double Striped Socks
Kaazim Zareb – [wh062] Miraaya – Yatzakkar
Brendan Themes – Black Ink – Broken
The Belvederes – Big City Waltz – Cabin To Cockpit
Brad Sucks – I Don’t Know What I’m Doing – Time to Take out the Trash
Sisters Of The Revolution – S/T – Shields to the Sun
Revolution Void – Increase the Dosage – Double the Daily Dosage
Album Torrent
Revolution Void – Thread Soul – Encoded Designs Album Torrent
Eduardo Gatti / Patrimonio Nacional de Chile – Butterfly On The Wind – Momentos
Falling You – Touch – Less Likely to Believe
Manu Cornet – Distance Temps – Silk Road
Non-Open Source Audio ==================================

Say Anything-…Is a Real Boy-“I Want to Know Your Plans”

CKY-An Answer Can Be Found-“Behind the Screams”

Alkaline Trio-Good Mourning-“Blue In the Face”

The Good Life-Album of the Year-“Under a Honeymoon”

Gomez-Bring It On-“Tijuana Lady”

Bright Eyes-I’m Wide Awake-“It’s Morning-First Day of My Life”

The Decemberists-Picaresque-“Of Angels and Angles”

Matt Lange-Demo-“Reluctantly Rolling”

Deathcab for Cutie-Forbidden Love EP-“405(Acoustic)”

Rocky Votolato-Suicide Medicine-“I’ll Catch You”

Ben Kweller-Sha Sha-“In Other Words”

The Raconteurs-Broken Boy Soldier-“Together”

Brand New-Deja Entendu-“Play Crack the Sky”

Nickle Creek-Why Should the Fire Die?-“Jealous of the Moon”



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